Antonin Scalia, via Wikimedia Commons

Justice Scalia compares LGBT couples to child molesters

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Anti-homophobia protest in Uganda, via

Christian UN staff in Kenya refuse aid to gay men fleeing persecution

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Persecution may be bad, they say, but being gay is worse.
Scott Lively, via Wikimedia Commons

Scott Lively, who inspired Uganda’s “kill the gays” law, says conservative violence is part of a liberal conspiracy

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Ok, who told him?
Mormons Salt Lake Temple via Shutterstock

Mormons plan mass exodus following LDS Church’s anti-gay decree

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This is the only way to get the LDS Church’s attention.
President Obama, via Pixabay

President Obama endorses the Equality Act

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After a slight delay, the administration is now officially in support of full LGBT equality in housing and hiring.
An ad from the Campaign for Houston, run by Steve Hotze, via

Anti-HERO campaign leaders have shockingly hateful past

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Why is this just now coming out?
Rainbow White House, via Joe Wolf / Flickr

President Obama is Out Magazine’s Ally of the Year

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He is now the first president to pose for the cover of an LGBT magazine.
Marco Rubio, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Marco Rubio’s new director of faith outreach has some thoughts and feelings about gay people

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Win the primary to lose the general.
Happy Holidays, via Flickr

The Faith Equality Index is here just in time for shopping season, and it’s fabulous

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Check out what counts as a faith-friendly business.
Martin O'Malley, via Wikimedia Commons

Martin O’Malley calls for clearing military records of those discharged due to sexual orientation

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13,000 gay and lesbian members of the armed forces were discharged for violating Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Politics on full display at Buenos Aires Pride

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Good food, great music, fierce queens and old-fashioned campaigning.
Kim Davis, screenshot via YouTube

Kentucky Governor-elect Bevin will bail Kim Davis out on day one

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This is the biggest win Davis could have hoped for.
Ted Cruz, via Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

Christian supremacist Ted Cruz ducks question about endorsing “kill the gays” pastor

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Not the boldest stance against political correctness from this culture warrior.
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