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Trump thanks LGBTs for Orlando shooting, says he’s more pro-gay than HRC. He’s not.

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Trump is using the Orlando shooting to woo the gay community away from Hillary. But Trump’s LGBT record is meh.
Prime Minister Cameron took particular offensive at Sec. Clinton's use of the term "pants suit."

Clinton’s presidency was historic for LGBT rights

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Say what you will about Bill and Hillary, but their commitment to gay, trans and AIDS issues is unparalleled.
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The left’s troubling embrace of GOP anti-Clinton talking points

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The notion that Bill Clinton’s presidency was “odious” is odious. On gay rights and HIV, Bill Clinton was a god.
Fabio Morìci, by Chi67.

The Hetero Initiative for Gay Rights (cute, and in Italian)

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“We’re made to procreate, right? So chastity must be contrary to nature.”
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A mom weighs in on the future of gay rights in the new year

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“As the mother of a lesbian, living in a liberal community, sometimes I forget the struggle is far from over.”

2013 LGBT year in review: A great year for gay rights

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For lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, it’s time to count our blessings – 2013 was a surprisingly good year.
Russian Duma (parliament) member Alexei Zhuravlev, who has said better a child be an orphan than raised by a gay person.

Russians temporarily postpone bill to forcibly remove kids from gay parents

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It’s likely the delayed execution is to help cool things down before Russia hosts the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Homophobia Inc. and America’s newest export: Hate (Part 2 of 3)

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The Regnerus study: Where it came from, how it was published, and why it’s essential for exporting homophobia.
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New Mexico county issues gay marriage licenses in spite of statewide ban

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Doña Ana County Clerk decides NM gay and lesbian couples have waited long enough for marriage equality.
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Why aren’t women winning? Part II

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Some great analysis from (mostly) women on why the women’s movement isn’t doing better politically.

New Pope Francis is 76 y.o. Archbishop Bergoglio of Buenos Aires

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Pope Francis has called gay marriage a creation of the devil, and was accused of assisting Argentina’s junta.
Gay & trans contingent at the huge immigration rally a few years back in Washington, DC.

How to apply the lessons of gay rights and immigration to gun control

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Politicians learned that the “dangerous” issues of gay rights & immigration were actually electorally helpful.

Will Obama be a more effective progressive in his second term?

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Writer Kerry Eleveld says that flush with victories on gay rights and immigration, the answer is “yes.”
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