Kim Davis

Add adultery to the list of sins Kim Davis can live with ahead of same-sex marriage

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God hates adulterers wayyyyy more than God hates gays, but no matter for County Clerk/Minister of God Kim Davis.
Kim Davis, screenshot via

Defying Supreme Court, Kim Davis denies same-sex couple marriage licenses “under God’s authority”

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Kim Davis is fighting the law. When will the law win?
Kim Davis, screenshot via YouTube

Supreme Court denies Kim Davis’s request for stay. Will she make a final stand?

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Davis couldn’t get three Supreme Court justices to agree that her appeal deserved to be heard.
NOM co-founder Brian Brown, via Wikimedia Commons

National Organization for Marriage only musters four signatures for marriage equality repeal pledge

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NOM is dying a slow, painful death. Being ignored by the Republican field is but the latest nail in their coffin.
Casey Davis, screenshot via YouTube

Different Kentucky clerk named Davis claims its his job to tell gays they’re going to Hell

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County clerk is an elected office in Kentucky.

Jon Stewart leads into interview with Rubio by ripping Florida

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Stewart started by going off on Florida’s opposition to gay marriage, but then went into much more. It’s juicy.

Anita cried

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Gay marriages begin in Florida. 14 states to go until all of the United States permits gays to marry.

Ferguson burns while Mississippi flames

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While Ferguson, Missouri erupts in race riots, gays are having unprecedented marriage victories in the deep south.

“La Fiancée de Frankenstein”

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How France’s right learned the wrong lessons on anti-gay intolerance from America’s GOP.

Gay marriage comes to Kansas; S. Carolina marriage ban struck down

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The US Supreme Court has lifted a stay on gays being able to marry in the state of Kansas, on the same day that a federal judge struck down South Carolina’s ban on gay marriages. ...
The Lovings, of Virginia,

GOP using increasingly racist arguments against gay marriage

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The GOP’s “states’ rights über alles” position against gay marriage is racist, in addition to homophobic.
A 19th-century interpretation of Charon's crossing by Alexander Litovchenko.

Alexander Dmitrievich Litovchenko( 1835 - 1890) "Charon carries souls across the river Styx."

The GOP concept of marriage: Any uterus will do

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If marriage is only about kids, then any woman with a uterus will do. It’s a screwy way to look at marriage.

Why gay marriage opponents lost: The social angle

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We won because we are extraordinary in being ordinary.
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