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Trump thanks LGBTs for Orlando shooting, says he’s more pro-gay than HRC. He’s not.

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Trump is using the Orlando shooting to woo the gay community away from Hillary. But Trump’s LGBT record is meh.
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Marco Rubio confronted by gay voter in New Hampshire, sticks to anti-gay script

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Rubio-bot had another malfunction on the trail.
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Does Ted Cruz think we need to “rid the world” of pro-marriage equality Supreme Court justices?

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Cruz continues to endorse not only hardline conservative Christians, but the odious views they espouse.
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Donald Trump will restore marriage to being between one man and many women

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“Repeal Obergefell and replace it with something terrific.” – Trump, basically.
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Tennessee lawsuit would invalidate every marriage since June out of spite

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Privileged classes of people would rather give up nice things entirely than share them with marginalized classes.
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New “religious freedom” bill in Georgia has nothing to do with religion

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The bill limits its scope to “matrimonial ceremonies,” dropping the pretense that it protects religious freedom.
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There is no zero-sum competition between LGBT rights and religious freedom

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The “gay rights vs. religious freedom” juxtaposition is misdirected and harmful.
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Marco Rubio promises to stack the Supreme Court against marriage equality

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Have fun making that case in a general election.
Kim Davis, screenshot via YouTube

Kentucky Governor-elect Bevin will bail Kim Davis out on day one

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This is the biggest win Davis could have hoped for.
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Mormon Church declares same-sex couples apostates, bars their children from baptism

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It’s one thing to be opposed to same-sex marriage. It’s another thing to declare kids immoral by association.
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The Clintons’ DOMA history thoroughly debunked

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A comprehensive review from Buzzfeed should settle this once and for all.
Ken Ham, via Wikimedia Commons

Ken Ham: If you don’t take the Bible literally, there’s no reason to wear clothes

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Since this apparently needs to be said, clothes existed before the Bible was written.
Anthony Kennedy, via Wikimedia Commons

Justice Kennedy: Kim Davis should resign

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“[As] a public official in performing your legal duties, you are bound to enforce the law.”
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