Pope Francis. Philip Chidell / Shutterstock.com

Kim Davis claims she met with Pope Francis. Would it matter?

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He already endorsed her position. Why does it matter if he told her so in person?
Crystal O'Connor of Memories Pizza, screenshot via YouTube

Memories Pizza accidentally caters a gay wedding

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Now that they’ve popped their gay wedding cherry, why not do it again?
Pope Francis addresses Congress, screenshot via YouTube

Pope Francis: Government workers have a right to to refuse same-sex marriages

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The Pope’s preference for religious doctrine over the rule of law shows that he isn’t a public authority.
She's free!

Kim Davis is a Republican now, to the surprise of no one

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Kim Davis’s partisan affiliation never mattered to anyone except her (exclusively Republican) defenders.
Kim Davis, screenshot via YouTube

Kim Davis to Megyn Kelly: “If I resign, I lose my voice,” proving everyone right

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That’s been the problem this entire time!
Mike Huckabee, via Wikimedia Commons

Why isn’t the Kim Davis wing of the GOP field talking about impeachment of Supreme Court justices?

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Outside of an amendment, it’s the only constitutional option they have left. Why not bring it up?
Mike Huckabee at last night's debate, screenshot via YouTube

Mike Huckabee’s civics lesson during last night’s debate was anything but

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If you’re going to give a civics lesson, you had better get your civics right.
Kim Davis, screenshot via

Surprise! White Evangelicals are the only religious group that agrees with Kim Davis

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When Kim Davis says “religious freedom,” people who don’t share her beliefs know she isn’t talking about them.
Malcolm Turnbull, via Wikimedia Commons

Marriage equality could be coming to Australia soon, as Prime Minister Abbott is ousted

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Sooner or later, marriage equality is coming to Australia. The only question is when and how the votes are cast.
Kim Davis, screenshot via YouTube

Kim Davis back at work, will not authorize marriage licenses, but her deputies can still issue them

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Her office will issue licenses that she considers separate and unequal.
Oathkeepers founder Stewart Rhodes, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Oath Keepers are congregating in Rowan County, Kentucky to keep Kim Davis from getting arrested again

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What could go wrong?
It's OK to be Takei, via Wikimedia Commons

George Takei owns Kim Davis and her defenders on First Amendment

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George Takei v. Kim Davis and her defenders. Takei wins. Obviously.
Open Bible, via

Kim Davis isn’t Rosa Parks or Daniel in the lion’s den. She’s a theocrat.

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If Davis were placed in the Rosa Parks story, she wouldn’t be Parks. She’d be the bus driver.
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