Meet the newest Kremlin lie about Obama’s successful meeting with LGBT activists

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Three activists wanted to attend, but couldn’t because of scheduling conflicts. They didn’t “refuse” to go.

“Get us the hell out of here,” pleads Russian gay activist Gessen

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On former activist Nikolai Alexeyev: “At this point he’s being used as a spokesperson for the Kremlin.”

Gay Russian protesters attacked, police do nothing (video)

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These are the same protesters who held the “From Russia with Love” events earlier this week.

Lots of gay Russia updates as Obama prepares to meet gay groups in St. Petersburg

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Irish and Swedes rock, Russian activists protest G20, religious right thinks it’s a “human rights group.”
russia gay kidnap

Obama to meet with gay groups in Russia – ooh snap!

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Russian gay bar owner in Sochi: “Even back in the USSR… gays were treated better than they are now.

Obama-Putin summit canceled in part due to Russian gay crackdown, official confirms

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The deteriorating human rights situation in Russia, specifically including gay and trans rights, played a role.
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