Reporter boat #FAIL (fun video)

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A reporter is giving an interview on a boat when suddenly…

TV correspondent can’t say his name without moving his head (funny video)

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I will warn you. After you’re done with this clip, you won’t be able to get “Gustavo AlmoDOvar” out of your head.

Now the Russians are threatening M&Ms (cute ad)

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I’d never noticed this M&M commercial before. It’s a 2014 Super Bowl ad. And it’s cute.

The trailer they should have made for the movie “Twilight”

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“A film that teaches young girls that the only thing that matters if finding a man – a hundred year old man.”

Classic “Jurassic Park” raptor scene, remade with cats (video)

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The scene where the kids are trapped in the kitchen, with the raptors stalking them. This is great.

How to handle a customer service call, courtesy of The Office (video)

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What is your name sir? I am Bill Buttlicker.

Russian military thwarted by diabolical Urkainian curb-weapon (video)

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It seems the Russian invasion of Ukrainian Crimea has hit a bump in the road.

Pet me, dammit! (video)

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16 seconds of smiles.

The importance of punctuation (hilarious 9-second video)

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I love this. I’m a bit of a stickler for punctuation. This is just wonderful.

LOL live-tweets from reporters on the disaster greeting them in Sochi

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“My Sochi water doesn’t work unless I have my keycard in to turn the lights on.”
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