Cool super-duper water-repellant coating (video)

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I always worry that using something like this around the house will make me grow two heads, but it is cool.

Ever wonder what it’s like to ski jump? (video)

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Thanks to a helmet camera, you can follow the big ski jump in Norway.

Finnish kids using skis like snowboards, amazing (video)

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I’m not a winter person nor am I about to try skiing again, but I still like watching this.

Freaky, the Scary Snowman

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Guy dresses up as as a scary snowman and scares the bejeesus out of people on the street. An all-time fav video.

A wonderful animation of Obama, Michelle, Hillary and Biden

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Mesmerizingly fun.
Zombie Mitt Romney

Joss Whedon on why we must vote for Romney

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TV director, filmmaker, Joss Whedon created Buffy, Firefly, co-wrote Toy Story, and wrote The Avengers movie.
cat bounce

Cat Bounce

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A very funny site about cats, bouncing. Check it out, it’s oddly mesmerizing.


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A fun animated gif speaking to Mitt Romney’s experience, or lack thereof.
Lady and the Tramp

Dogs re-enact spaghetti scene from “Lady and the Tramp” (video)

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This is awfully cute.

The presidential debate in song (video)

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They took Obama’s and Romney’s actual words in the presidential debate and turned them into song. Amazing.
Ohio State marching band pac-man

The Ohio State marching band’s amazing halftime show (video)

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An homage to 1980s video games. Absolutely stunning.

VIDEO: My sassy gay friend, Romeo & Juliet

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Do I really need a reason to post this?

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I think not.
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