Phelps clan run out of Moore, Oklahoma for saying God intentionally sent tornado that killed 9 kids

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Westboro Baptist says America has been too pro-gay, so they protested the school that lost 9 kids last year.
Equality House via CNN. More on them below.

Fred Phelps’ death and the unsung heroes of the AIDS crisis

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Back in the day, hospitals let doctors and nurses volunteer to work the AIDS floor – they refused to require it.
Fred Phelps in cowboy hat, from Godhatesf*

BREAKING: Fred “God hates f*gs” Phelps is dead

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Phelps showed the US that anti-gay hate is real. IMHO, America is about to lose its most effective gay advocate

Santa Monica high school blows Fred Phelps out of the water with mega-protest (video)

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The kids at Santa Monica High organized a wonderful counter-protest to Fred Phelps with 100s in attendance.

Shirley Phelps-Roper & her gay bff (video)

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The Phelps’ gay friend: “I’ve been to their house three times. They are the nicest people that I’ve ever met.”
Westboro Mingle Fred Phelps spoof

Westboro Mingle: Where hate and love come together (funny video)

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Ever wondered: What if Fred Phelps ran a dating service? Now you have your answer! Funny spoof of Fred Phelps.
Fred Phelps Westboro Baptist Church gay

Fox News says Fred Phelps’ “God Hates F*gs” hate group is “left wing”

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A perfect example of why Fox News is not a “news” network, but rather, a propaganda arm of the Republican party.
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