It’s time for my annual medical tourism trip to Europe

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It’s that time again. When I act like I’m from a small village in a developing country and fly to western Europe in order to buy my asthma drugs that are 5x cheaper in France ...

Advair sales plummet 30% as US insurance companies refuse to pay obscene prices

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Advair parent GlaxoSmithKline charges Americans 5x what it does Europeans for the same drug. Because it can.

Far right wins big in European Parliament elections

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From France to Greece, the far right did far better in Europe’s elections yesterday than it did in Ukraine’s.

2 young French Canadians dancing in towels, what’s not to like? (video)

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Oh Canada!
Anya Schiffrin

The French way of cancer treatment; it’s entirely humane

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Cancer care in France — an American daughter’s discovery that the French system for health care is, well, humane.

Thousands of right-wingers march in Paris, yelling “Jews, get out of France!”

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France’s Republican party, the UMP, and the country’s religious right, have opened a Pandora’s box of intolerance.

Colbert: French President Hollande caught cheating on one mistress with another mistress

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Surprisingly one of the best Stephen Colbert segments to date.

Reverse Nazi salute, all the rage in Europe, is now coming to America

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The salute, called “quenelle,” is especially popular at “Jewish” locations such as Auschwitz and WWII memorials.

High up in the French Alps, “highliners” walk on cable wires 1,000 ft. above the ground

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From EuroNews: Higher than the snowy caps of the French Alps, two of the most skilled highliners in the world balance on a 2.5 cm cable 380 metres above the ground. Defying gravity ...

The feel-good goat story of the year (video)

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An amazing video of some goats (chamois) in France trapped by a snow avalanche, and amazingly they survive.
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