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Is Trump planning to buy Fox News?

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Trump’s campaign social media guy tweeted a veiled threat at Fox host Megyn Kelly. Could Trump try to buy Fox?
Gretchen Carlson

Fox host Gretchen Carlson sues CEO Ailes for sexual harassment, retaliation

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Carlson claims she rebuffed Ailes’ sexual demands, and was subsequently fired.

Fox blasts “sexist” Trump after he goes all stalker on Megyn Kelly

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Considering Fox News’ awful record on women, how long will the network’s sudden embrace of feminism last?
Bernie Sanders speaking at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, via John Pemble / Flickr

Trump and Kasich bail on Fox debate. Sanders should take their place.

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If Ted Cruz’s GOP opponents are too scared to debate him, they should be replaced with a democratic socialist.
Donald Trump and Joel Ardesen, screenshot via

Is Trump actually raising money for veterans tonight? Does anyone care?

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Trump still hasn’t specified which veterans group will receive the money he’s supposedly raising tonight.
Bolling, Grenell and Goodstein, screenshot via Media Matters

Fox News goy wonders aloud if Jews supporting Iran deal aren’t really Jews

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The goysplaining. It hurts.
Mary Cheney, with her wife, Heather Poe, via Freedom to Marry / Flickr

Mary Cheney braves to promote marriage equality

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Sometimes it takes a Cheney to get through to the GOP.

Bill O’Reilly’s war “memory” is worse than Brian Williams’s

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Earlier this month, following reports that Brian Williams exaggerated stories about his time covering the Iraq War and Hurricane Katrina, Bill O’Reilly went to town: O’Reilly ...

City of Paris to sue Fox News for defamation

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Fox claimed that Paris was filled with Muslim no-go zones where no Christian dare tread.

Fox News says Paris has unsafe Muslim-controlled “no-go zones” like Iraq, Afghanistan

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Which came as a bit of a surprise to actual Parisians.

Sean Hannity wants you to know his favorite color

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Sean Hannity has a new segment where he asks himself questions he always wanted you to ask, like his fav color.

A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” Fox News host, join hate-group-sponsored anti-gay rally

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Phil Robertson, of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” will join Fox News host Todd Starnes at a hate group’s anti-gay rally.

“Boobs on the ground”: Fox host on female troops fighting ISIS

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Fox Host Eric Bolling referred to a female Air Force pilot who led a strike against ISIS as “boobs on the ground.”
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