First they came for the sushi...
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Dear Oberlin students: Oregano is not a civil right

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The civil rights movement wasn’t about how much oregano the food service uses on “Italian Night.”
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New research on keeping you safer from stroke

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Women who ate the most potassium were 12 percent less likely to suffer stroke.

Let’s make Spanakopita, for a traditional Greek Easter

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A walk-through of mom’s Spanakopita (Greek spinach feta cheese pie) recipe.
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The other White Death (you call it sugar)

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It’s estimated that, worldwide, about 200,000 people die per year due to increased intake of sweetened beverages.
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Diet soft drinks can make you fat

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Overweight people who drank diet soft drinks ate more calories during the day than those who drank regular soda.

It’s Christmas cookie time!

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A walk through our family tradition of making Christmas cookies that we decorate and then hang on the tree.

Oddly mesmerizing (and sensual) espresso-brewing video

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Trust me, this is far cooler than it sounds. Simply a slow-mo video of espresso being brewed, but wow.

Jon Stewart on why Chicago pizza is not better than NY pizza

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And of course, he’s wrong.
A farmer from the Miao minority pours a cocktail of pesticides into a sprayer to prepare for spraying his pseudo-ginseng farm. Dehou Town, Wenshan County, Yunnan Province. Wenshan is the origin and the main production area of pseudo-ginseng and accounts for almost 98 percent of China's total yield. (© Simon Lim / Greenpeace)

89% of Chinese herbal medicines purchased abroad contained 3 or more pesticides

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72% exceeded European safety levels, and 47% contained “highly” or “extremely” hazardous pesticides.

Best (chocolate) book trailer ever (video)

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A well-done video as a trailer for a new book about chocolate, that actually gets you wanting to buy the book.
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Oreos more addictive than cocaine, study finds

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Equally surprising – no joke – the rats preferred to open the Oreos and eat the creamy white filling first.

How to make a McDonald’s hot apple pie at home (video)

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Because sometimes you just have to take your own health hostage.

Various stories you might have missed today…

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George HW Bush witnesses to a gay wedding, Robert Reich tells Bill O’Reilly to man-up, and 26 bad book jackets.
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