Joel Silberman

Joel Silberman, ace progressive media trainer

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Interview with Joel Silberman, actor & singer, who has media-trained the best that our side has to offer.
Writer & analyst Marcy Wheeler

Marcy Wheeler on the US’ waning power, climate change, and the coming neofeudalism

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Wheeler: “The increasing chaos and decline of power of the Unites States is pretty much baked in at this point.”
Writer Richard (RJ) Eskow

Interview with corporate tax-dodging expert Richard Eskow

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Eskow, like many, has come to a “Chomsky-esque” view of our political and economic system.
Writer Dave Johnson

Five Questions: My interview with Dave Johnson of CAF at Netroots Nation 2013

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On his journey: “I came out of this Silicon Valley money dream thing, I found myself, and time slowed down.”

Five Questions: My interview with Sam Seder at Netroots Nation 2013

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I asked Sam about his personal journey, and what’s coming for the nation.

Five Questions: Alan Grayson with Gaius Publius at Netroots Nation 2012

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This is one of nine short interviews I made while at Netroots Nation last week. [Update: Tenth interview added.] The series is called “Five Questions” (to keep it short ...
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