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Starbucks to expand idiotic “Come Together” fiscal cliff coffee cup campaign

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Starbucks should be writing: “The fiscal cliff is a lie, repeal it.” Most don’t realize it can be repealed.
fiscal cliff panic

Fiscal cliff update, the latest news

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Obama has called congressional leaders to the Oval Office to discuss the impending fiscal cliff.
Rick Santelli

CNBC’s Rick Santelli goes bonkers over the fiscal cliff

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We’re laughing at you, not with you, Rick.

Potential GOP “no”-votes on Obama-Boehner fiscal cliff deal

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Call the Republicans and tell them to vote “no.” It’s that simple.

On the fiscal cliff, I’ll take moderation over chaos

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President Obama needs to be a serious alternative to the Republican Party’s know-nothing, do-nothing ideology.
fiscal cliff

Obama offers a scaled-down budget plan to avert ‘fiscal cliff’

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It all comes down to John Boehner’s strategy, and Harry Reid’s goals.

The Mayan Apocalypse and John Boehner’s own human sacrifices

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The Mayan Apocalypse meets the GOP Apocalypse: Mayan priests wanted human hearts, the GOP wants your Medicare.
House calendar Dec 2012

(Updated) Congress’ schedule & House GOP vote count for Boehner-Obama fiscal cliff deal

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Feel like making some calls to Repubicans to sink the Boehner-Obama deal? Here are some useful phone numbers.

GOP wants kudos for working week before Xmas – uh, who doesn’t?

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Why does Congress always want kudos for working the hours the rest of us do?
Elderly Medicare Social Security seniors

A good progressive counter-offer to Boehner: Lower the Medicare age

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Seven progressive ways to raise the money Obama claims to want to raise.

Boehner caves, agrees to tax hike. Will Obama say thank you?

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There are exactly two weeks left before the No Deal that’s a good deal. Will social insurance get there intact?

(Updated) New action page to stop benefit cuts

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New senate contact page. Here’s all you need to stop benefit cuts in the House, Senate, or the president’s desk.
Grim Reaper

How many will die if Barack Obama raises the Medicare eligibility age?

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Complicit Congress types, take note. This decision is very much either-or. Vote carefully.
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