Shrek action figure, via PAISAN HOMHUAN /

With fifth installment, Shrek has become what it originally mocked

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Profit for profit’s sake is ruining a classic franchise.
Mad Max, via Wikimedia Commons

Mad Max’s reboot: Feminism and environmentalism as told through explosions

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The dystopian action franchise rights the wrongs of its previous films.

North Korea isn’t funny, but Sony should still release “The Interview”

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Caving to Kim Jong-un’s threats and pulling the movie is the biggest boost in prestige he could have hoped for.
Santa Jim and his "special elf."

Gay Santa: Saint Nick has a special elf, and some parents are not pleased

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A new documentary about the men who play Santa at the mall has caused a stir because it includes a gay man.

Woman secretly films life in ISIS’ capital in Syria (video)

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She reports that 150 French women have joined the ISIS enclave.

Neat color film of London in 1927 (video)

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“It’s like a beautifully dusty old postcard you’d find in a junk store, but moving.”
Network Money Scene thumbnail

“There is no America. There is only IBM and AT&T and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world”

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Network was ahead of its time — in its willingness to tell the truth. It really is the Rich vs. the Rest.

How they made the special effect sounds for the new movie “Flight”

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A neat look at how they make the sound effects for an action movie.
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