Former Comcast & Verizon attorneys manage the FCC, are about to kill the Internet

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Why did Obama put telecoms in charge of the Internet. Why won’t FCC regulate the Internet as a utility? Same answe

Why won’t FCC appeal court ruling striking down net-neutrality?

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Why won’t the FCC appeal the Verizon decision? Do the industry ties of FCC Chair Tom Wheeler tell us something?

Stephen Colbert, Hugh Laurie read the words you can say on cable, but not network TV

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Network TV is pushing to have decency standards loosened as cable’s prominence has so increased over the years.

White House: “It’s Time to Legalize Cell Phone Unlocking”

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The White House said yesterday saying that it supports letting consumers unlock their cell phones.
Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco drops the f-bomb after winning the Super Bowl

Should CBS be fined for Ravens QB’s F-bomb after Super Bowl win?

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The horror, the horror. TV caught the Ravens QB using the f-bomb after they won. We have the “shocking” video.
noise loud tv commercial

Hallefreakinglujah, loud TV commercials have been banned

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My PTSD and I thank you.
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