Congressman Jim Jordan, via Wikimedia Commons

Rep. Jim Jordan’s staff gave his State of the Union tickets to the Family Research Council

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So THAT’S how Kim Davis got in.
Tony Perkins, via

Why does the Family Research Council have a ticket to the State of the Union to spare for Kim Davis?

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They’re a hate group. Who’s letting them in?

Why is Liberty Counsel claiming Kim Davis is an international superstar?

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Why did Liberty Counsel feel the need to lie about Kim Davis’s (lack of) foreign support?
Why the Family Research Center is a hate group, in their own words

Bob Schieffer introduces Tony Perkins by reminding viewers that he runs a hate group

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If the Family Research Council is going to get national press, at least it’s bad press.

GOP impeachment talk may just hand Hillary the presidency

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“If the Republicans do capture the Senate, there’s no more excuses about impeachment.”

Gays are like ISIS beheading America, per religious right confab

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The irony of religious-extremists-who-hate-gays comparing gays to religious-extremists-who-hate-gays was lost.

Lead GOP hate group ties Robin William’s suicide to “ex-gay” therapy

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According to the Family Research Council hate group, curing gays of their homosexuality is a form of “rehab.”
Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council

ADL slaps FRC for saying gays would send Christians to death camps

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FRC’s Tony Perkins: “When are they going to start rolling out the boxcars to start hauling off Christians?”
Ken Blackwell

GOP rel. rt. leader: Gay marriage caused Santa Barbara murder rampage

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FRC’s Ken Blackwell blamed the shooting rampage on “the attack on natural marriage and the family.”
Jesus' face courtesy of Shutterstock. Renata Sedmakova /

FRC: “Man’s man” Jesus is coming back with AR-15 “Sandy Hook” assault rifle

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Leading religious right group Family Research Council says Jesus will be packing heat when he comes again.
FRC supreme court gay marriage doma

The most unfortunate anti-gay logo and slogan in the history of politics

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FRC’s anti-gay-marriage “On our knees for America” campaign appears to have logo of man performing oral sex.
Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council

GOP’s religious right: Ending DADT caused sexual assaults in military

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The religious right is now claiming that ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell inspired straight men to harass women.
CNN's Carol Costello vs FRC's Peter Sprigg

CNN’s Carol Costello slaps hate-group FRC for linking gays to pedophilia in Boy Scout debate

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Officially-designated hate group FRC tried to claim that gay Scout Masters might rape young scouts.
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