Lead GOP hate group ties Robin William’s suicide to “ex-gay” therapy

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According to the Family Research Council hate group, curing gays of their homosexuality is a form of “rehab.”

Stephen Fry tells quack who “cures” gays: “You could easily pass as a gay man” (video)

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Fry tells Nicolosi, lead “I can cure gays” quack: “You’re very well groomed. You could easily pass as a gay man.”
Russian anti-gay parliamentarian Mikhail Degtyarev. (And I'll ask it again: Do any of these Russian homophobes look straight?)

Russia working on state-sponsored “cure” as final solution to gay problem

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In good news: Pride parades might be allowed if they happen late at night, with flashlights. Seriously.

Scalia’s son says homosexuality doesn’t exist

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That’s fortunate, since there’s then no harm in giving rights to people who don’t exist.

The day Richard came out to his dad, an expert on “curing” gays

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Richard Socarides tells the story of coming out to his dad, a man who pioneered the fake science of curing gays.
Chris Christie

Chris Christie undecided on therapy to “cure” gays through homoerotic hugs

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GOP NJ Governor, and presidential hopeful, Chris Christie is unsure if therapy to “cure” gays should be banned.
stephen colbert

Stephen Colbert takes on “ex-gay” therapy (video)

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Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert does a segment on people who think they can pray away the gay.
Some People Are Gay - Get Over It bus campaign

UK bus-driver abandons bus because of pro-gay ad on side

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The ad read: “Some people are gay. Get over it!” The bus driver, sadly, did not get over it.
"I can't cure you!" (photo by Shutterstock)

Religious right to sue CA over “pray away the gay” ban

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CNN rightfully called out these bigots who claim they can “cure” gays. (And if it’s a “choice,” why does it need a cure?)
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“Pray away the gay” therapy banned for kids in CA

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California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a historic bill that will protect LGBT kids from “reparative” therapies to “cure” them.
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