“Gay no more” man arrested for fraud earlier this year

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“I’m not gay no more. I’ve been DELIVERED! I don’t like mens no more! I said I like women! Women women women!”

“I’m not gay no more, I don’t like mens no more” (hysterical video)

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A young gay man is “cured” by a televangelist. Hilarity ensues. (Real video.)

Being gay isn’t a choice, bad journalism is

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The New Republic is the latest publication to use a gay gay-basher to gin up those all-important pageviews.
Indira Sharma

India’s former top shrink: Homosexuality is “unnatural,” can be cured

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Dr. Sharma also suggested that violence against women could be prevented by encouraging randy men to marry young.
Air Force Academy chapel, via Shutterstock

Air Force Academy, citing “privacy,” angrily refuses to discuss anti-gay bias on campus

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Air Force Academy holds angry press conference admitting they misled the public about concerns by gay cadets.

Air Force Academy to hold gay-bias presser with veracity-compromised Capt. Michelle Reinstatler

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Reinstatler claimed in a press release that no cadets expressed concerns about anti-gay bias, when many did.
Air Force Capt. Michelle L. Reinstatler

Air Force Academy used to send gay cadets to Ted Haggard to be “cured”

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Air Force Secretary now says the academy will be in charge of investigating its own anti-gay cover up.
Lt. Gen. Michelle D. Johnson, Superintendent of the US Air Force Academy

Air Force Academy now covering up cadet’s concerns about anti-gay climate

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Multiple sources say academy’s new statement claiming gay cadets denied existence of hostile climate is untrue.

Rachel Maddow on Air Force Academy’s “heterosexual confidence” expert

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“This type of quack-counseling that purports to be able to cure people of being gay, is now illegal in CA & NJ.”
Air Force Academy Cadets form up while attempting to break the largest formation collegiate record with a 46-person formation (Credit: U.S. Air Force Photo/Tech. Sgt. Joseph Valente)

Air Force Academy doubles-down in defense of “ex-gay” character coach

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“Heterosexual confidence” expert Mike Rosebush is in charge of the academy’s character and leadership program.
US Air Force Academy graduation (credit: U.S. Air Force Photo by Mike Kaplan/Released)

Air Force Academy has “ex-gay” cure advocate overseeing cadet character coaching

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Dr. Mike Rosebush is an “ex-gay” who has worked for Focus on the Family and Exodus, and is affiliated with NARTH.

Horribly sad story of a mom who regrets how she handled her now-dead son’s coming-out

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Ryan Robertson’s parents were Christians, so they told their 12 y.o. gay son he had no choice but to not be gay.

Exodus International, lead “cure the gays” group, shuts down, apologizes to gays

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Exodus was THE “ex-gay” ministry. The big one. The one the religious right hung its hat(e) on. And they’re gone.
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