OXI dokey: A report from a Greek solidarity rally

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A report from rally in Queens in support of the OXI movement in Greece.

Only Putin would think to starve his own people to punish the West

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Cutting off basic foods to everyday Russians is an odd way to “punish” the west.
European Parliament Constituencies

European voters fire a warning shot over the heads of their political elites

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Losers in the European election — mainstream parties. Winners — anti-mainstream parties on both left and right.
Ukraine rainbow via Shutterstock

EU dumps gays, says Ukraine can have visa-free travel without “non-negotiable” LGBT non-discrim guarantee

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Ukraine and the EU have conspired to undermine the human rights of gay and trans Ukrainians.

A new Crimean War? Vladimir Putin, Peter the Great & the quest for a warm-water port

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In Crimea (Ukraine), Putin is protecting a Russian dream since Peter the Great: control of a warm-water port.
2004 Election results in Ukraine (source)

How to think about Ukraine & the offer of ties to the EU

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Did the West misplay its hand in the Ukraine crisis? Here are three more factors the media isn’t talking about.

Putin used Olympics to get Ukrainian president to attack Kiev protesters

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As a result, Kiev is now in flames, and many are talking about the prospect of a civil war.
Russian Foreign Ministry document calls gays "queers."

“Queers”: Term Russian Foreign Ministry calls gays in human rights report

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Russian “human rights report” talks about “countries which have always taken a liberal attitude towards queers.”
European Union Flag via Shutterstock.

EU bailout for Cyprus will punish citizens, take 10% of their savings

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After the EU bailout announcement, why would anyone leave cash in an EU bank ever again?
Portugal flag via Shutterstock

Austerity’s next victim: Portugal

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The Portuguese economy has retracted worse than expected due to GOP-style austerity measures. Surprise!
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Spain to halt evictions following suicide

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Following the second recent suicide following eviction, Spain is taking steps to stop evictions.
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