These are my personal chocolate chip cookies, and let's just say, they're to die for.

Baking abroad: How to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie, and chocolate cake

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My recipes for a great chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake, and how I tweaked them to bake in Europe.

Advair sales plummet 30% as US insurance companies refuse to pay obscene prices

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Advair parent GlaxoSmithKline charges Americans 5x what it does Europeans for the same drug. Because it can.
European Parliament Constituencies

European voters fire a warning shot over the heads of their political elites

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Losers in the European election — mainstream parties. Winners — anti-mainstream parties on both left and right.
Evolution of the Gulf Stream to the west of Ireland continuing as the 
North Atlantic Current

How climate change could cause an Ice Age in Europe

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Global warming, and resultant glacial melting, could disrupt the Gulf Stream and cause a new Ice Age in Europe.

4 shocking facts about American healthcare (video)

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His name is Josh Sundquist, and he’s really good – and quite a captivating speaker.
Image of the young man who was kidnaped, tortured and raped, via RFE/RL.

Putin: Gays face no discrimination in Russia, are depopulating Europe

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Russian President Vladimir Putin yet again furthers Russia’s descent into the 14th century.

US faces brutal hurricane season, while Europe sees “the year without a summer”

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Is Europe’s coldest summer in 200 years, and the US’ storms, climate change? Several scientists say “yes.”
Unusual late snow hits northwest Europe

Unusual late snow hits northwest Europe

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More odd weather in Europe, as winters grow increasingly harsh – is it climate change?
belgium fries food

Coulter: “If you compare white populations, we have the same murder rate as Belgium”

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Is Ann Coulter right that America’s “white” murder rate is akin to Belgium’s? The answer might surprise you.
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