Marco Rubio, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Rubio hasn’t thought about Flint’s water crisis yet, but is skeptical of federal action

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Bad enough that he isn’t up to speed on the issue, he also undercut one of his go-to talking points.
Volkswagen Golf, via Wikimedia Commons

Volkswagen ordered to recall nearly 500,000 vehicles for manipulating software to circumvent emissions inspections

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That they were caught is as big of a deal as the fact they were cheating.
Global climate change, via Creative Commons

President Obama unveils sweeping emissions reduction plan

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The administration’s rules set greater reduction goals than last year, with additional flexibility.
Mountain-top removal in coal-heavy states like Kentucky & West Virginia (source)

How EPA rules allow coal states like Kentucky to increase carbon emissions (you read that right)

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Bloomberg explains the trick that will allow coal states like Kentucky to increase CO2 emissions under EPA rules.
From Fracking Fields, to Transportation, to LNG Processing, and then this. Methane leaks at every step in this process. (Source: ThinkProgress)

Another blow against methane: LNG is worse for climate than coal at real-world leakage rates, says Dept. of Energy

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The DoE gets its methane leak rates from industry. But outside measurement shows methane leaks like a sieve.
American Natural Gas Alliance wants you to know that methane is "clean" energy

Did the “Clean Natural Gas” (methane) lobby help write EPA “Clean Power Plan”?

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Obama and the EPA “Clean Power Plan” ignores emissions from “America’s Clean Natural Gas.” Do you wonder why?
A coal mine in Wyoming, United States. The United States has the world's largest coal reserves.

Obama plan to reduce emissions allows coal-heavy states to increase emissions

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The more people look at the EPA’s 645-page proposal, the worse it looks. Coal and methane appear to be winners.
One reconstruction for post-dinosaur era CO2 using a relatively low value for climate "sensitivity" (source)

Eliminating carbon emissions — EPA can ask, encourage, or force a change. Which do you think will work?

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Will Obama’s EPA put teeth into its coal emissions requirements? We look at what that would require.
BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig fire

Ethics watchdog calls for investigation of EPA assault on renewable fuels

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The EPA proposed gutting biofuel standards after the Carlyle Group and Delta Airlines intervened.
Kids via Shutterstock

OMB blocking EPA report on chem dangers to kids

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Toxic chemicals in breast milk, mmm… Just what I asked Santa for!
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