Stephen Colbert on the scary new UN report on climate change

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“Just like the wise Native Americans with the buffalo, I believe we should exploit every part of the planet.”

Keystone XL southern leg begins operation. Hold Obama responsible for toxic spills.

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Despite his climate speech, we can’t count on Obama to reject the Keystone pipeline unless we force him to do so.
I'll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold drag heads. (Shutterstock)

Glitter is now “bio-terrorism”

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Enviro protesters charged with terror for having glitter on banner. HSBC wrist-slapped for ACTUALLY aiding terror.
Your grandchildren's East Coast of the United States

Climate crisis: If all the ice melts…

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Climate change means sea level rise: The Arctic could be summer-ice-free in the next few decades, if not sooner.

“Polar bears are starving to death” from global warming

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Climate change is melting sea ice, prolonging ice-free summers, and polar bears can only hunt on firm sea ice.
David Barton

Global warming caused by pesky pro-choice women, religious right leader says

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And unless you really like rain, you seriously never want to go on vacation with a gay Haitian feminist.
Total heat content of deep ocean, shallow ocean, land, ice and atmosphere (1960–2012)

Climate change deniers are in full cry in anticipation of new UN report

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The climate deniers are now claiming there’s a global warming “pause.” They’re wrong, as usual. Here’s why.

(Updated) Risky repair of Fukushima could spill 15,000x radiation of Hiroshima, create 85 Chernobyls

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Does the crisis at Fukushima now demand a global take-over of the repair effort?
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95% chance that humans caused global warming, new report says

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Global warming is caused by man, with a 95% certainty, according to a new report.
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Texas towns run out of water due to fracking

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Put simply, there are towns in Texas where you turn on the tap, and nothing comes out for days. Why? Fracking.
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