The ISIS flag.

Britain First and Orlando: Not every violent act is international terror

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It is dangerous to conflate the actions of “lone wolves pledging to ISIS” with ISIS itself.

Gay marriages have begun in England and Wales!

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At midnight, England time (8pm Eastern US), gay marriage became legal in England, and the weddings have commenced.

Heterosexual mating rituals, by Sir David Attenborough (video)

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“Meanwhile, nearby a female starts to regurgitate a mouthful of fish & chips. Life in Britain is not all roses.”

A unique approach to testicular cancer awareness – just get a football team naked on TV

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Gotta hand it to the Brits on this one, but I wonder if this really made it on actual television.

The wonderful dancing bus stop lady (video)

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Ellie Coal was dancing while waiting for a bus in Eastleigh, England, when a woman surreptitiously filmed her…
Equal marriage supporters at a Stonewall rally outside the House of Lords as peers gave the Bill Third Reading on 15 July. (Photo credit: SIMON CALLAGHAN.)

England legalizes gay marriage

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Though, oddly, the law bans the Church of England from conducting such weddings, ever.
British Parliament via Shutterstock

Huge gay marriage victory in the UK Parliament

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Now that gay marriage has passed its “second reading” in the UK House of Commons it’s all but certain we’ll win.
Gay Parents

UK Catholic bigot/bishop uses Christmas sermon to bash gay marriage

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The Catholic archbishop of England and Wales had nothing to say about pedophilia, however. Funny, that.
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