Latta. South Carolina mayor Earl Bullard.

SC mayor fires lesbian police chief, says rather have drunks than gays protecting children

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“I would much rather have somebody who drank than somebody whose lifestyle is questionable around children.”
Unidentified participants taking part to the second gay pride march through the city of Thessaloniki on June 15, 2013 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Portokalis /

Boehner says no to ENDA, so where’s the executive order Mr. President?

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Now that Obama will do an executive order on minimum wage, there’s no excuse not to do one on gay civil rights.
ENDA, via HRC.

Obama to mandate minimum wage increase for govt contractors, but not ENDA?

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Gays have been pressing Obama to mandate that federal contractors provide job protections for gay/trans workers.

Colbert on ENDA: “Make[s] it illegal to discriminate against lesbians, gays, batman and tartar sauce”

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Humorist Stephen Colbert weighs in on the US Senate’s recent passage of a major gay rights employment bill.

ENDA passes US Senate: 64-32; Boehner opposes passage in House

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10 Republicans joined all Democrats present in voting for the bill banning anti-gay job discrimination.

When the South starts giving up on gay marriage, it’s time for the GOP to at least give in on ENDA

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ENDA, banning job discrimination against gays, passed a key hurdle in the US Senate last night.

Are gays selling out by seeking the right to marry?

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Some want gay rights groups to stop working on marriage, and even ENDA, and instead focus on poverty & race.

It’s time for the Mormons to endorse ENDA

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If the Mormons want to wipe the slate clean, they should start by endorsing the gay-jobs bill ENDA.
ENDA, via HRC.

Senate committee passes ENDA (gay jobs bill) with support from GOP’s Hatch, Murkowski, Kirk

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ENDA would ban job discrimination against gay and trans people at the federal level.
Discrimination via Shutterstock

Nancy Pelosi is wrong about ENDA

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Our past- and future- speaker suggested that gay jobs-bill ENDA was killed by DADT. That’s not what happened.
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