Mike Pence

Mike Pence’s email scandal is exactly like Hillary’s

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Mike Pences email scandal is exactly the same as Hillary Clintons

Is it ethical for journalists to publish the stolen Clinton/DNC emails?

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These leaks are an effort to throw the results of our presidential election. That ought to give the media pause.

Of course Sanders’s answer about Hillary’s emails was great politics

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The media’s focus on Clinton’s emails is a prime example of the politics Sanders has been campaigning against.

Top 4 Chris Christie meltdown videos

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GOP governor & 2016 presidential hopeful Chris Christie’s oversized, vindictive temper has done him in yet again.

Marco Rubio’s 3am call on Benghazi

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The day Marco Rubio publicly parroted a lie about Benghazi because he didn’t even bother checking the facts.
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