Kids surprised by gift of kitten (video)

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The kids found a kitten a few days before. The parents were going to turn it over to a shelter, then didn’t.

Ellen auditions a new (hot) gardener (video)

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“You know if there’s one thing that I love more than men in tuxedo thongs, it’s… everything.”

“OMG we’re being attacked by mimes!”

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For Halloween, Ellen Degeneres sends her staff to a haunted house.

Ellen on Bic’s lady-pens (video)

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Ellen on Bic’s pens for ladies: “They’re just like regular pens, except they’re pink, so they cost twice as much.”

Ellen’s “coming out” interview on Oprah 17 years ago (video)

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Ellen talks about how she was always afraid that Oprah wouldn’t like her if she ever found out Ellen was gay.

Ken Jeong on “Ellen” (funny video)

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He’s the naked guy in the trunk from the movie “The Hangover.” This is from his appearance on “Ellen.” It’s fun.
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