The Clinton economic era was not a Democratic golden age

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If you think the Dems bring economic gold, read this.
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Younger Americans carrying unprecedented amount of credit card debt

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“The typical credit card holder among younger Americans who keep a balance will die still owing money.”

Christmas shopping season was weak for retailers

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The good news if that, if you didn’t get your shopping in yet, this week ought to be full of good deals.
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Banks finally are being squeezed by their own investors

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Tired of low returns, shareholders want their pound of flesh from Wall Street, and some are getting it.
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The cost of austerity? Just look at the UK economy, it’s a mess.

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As US politicians prepare to hack away at our most important programs, they could learn a lesson from the UK.

Black Friday sales numbers look weak

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The number of shoppers is up, but sale are down about 1.8%, or $11.2 billion.

Weekend thoughts on using effective language

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Metaphors matter. Losing your home is not like losing your keys. People don’t “lose” homes.

IMF: Austerity costing UK economy billions

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The IMF’s recent words about the negative impact of austerity were clear, but are US politicians listening?

Godfather of Tea Party loses it on CNBC over improving jobs numbers

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The Godfather of the Tea Party, Rick Santelli, goes nuts on CNBC while defending Jack Welch’s anti-Obama jobs-conspiracy.
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