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Trump just told every company in America to move jobs abroad

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Hey corporate America, if you want some quick Trump tax breaks, announce that you’re moving some jobs abroad.
Marco Rubio, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

The Republican field doesn’t understand its own newfound financial populism

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These are some really tough squares to circle.
Gambling, via Wikimedia Commons

Gambling is not a viable or desirable method of job creation

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We can think bigger and do better.
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Younger generations aren’t silent

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One subreddit’s insights into the economic angers and frustrations of today’s youth.
Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz (bottom right) lead "veterans" in protesting the Republicans own shutdown of the government.


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The story of a man attempting to lie his way to the White House, starting with his abysmal knowledge of economics.
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Scary jobs report

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Slowing average job growth is causing some concern, and that’s before the GOP shut down the government.

A strange game

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The movie was War Games, circa 1983. And it had a message for the Tea Party and the GOP about “winning moves.”
Video: Piranha jaws in action

Various stories I didn’t get to, but you ought to check out (open thread-y)

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From testicle-eating piranhas in the Seine, to the cancellation of True Blood, and the danger of e-cigs.
New ad blasts Wisconsin Governor using his words from prank call with Billionaire Koch

Scott Walker’s right-wing austerity is destroying Wisconsin

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Scott Walker’s GOP austerity is a recipe for disaster – a fact that Wisconsin found out the hard way.
Paul Ryan, via Mel Brown /

Paul Ryan’s “austerity” magic is destroying Spain

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Unemployment in austerity-ridden Spain is 26% generally, and 56.5% for youth. The GOP budget miracle in action.
Bill Clinton on the new “moderate” Mitt Romney

The Clinton economic era was not a Democratic golden age

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If you think the Dems bring economic gold, read this.
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Younger Americans carrying unprecedented amount of credit card debt

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“The typical credit card holder among younger Americans who keep a balance will die still owing money.”
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Christmas shopping season was weak for retailers

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The good news if that, if you didn’t get your shopping in yet, this week ought to be full of good deals.
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