Pope Francis, then Cardinal Bergoglio, via the Argentine Presidency website.

Pope Francis is making conservaties come to Jesus on religion’s relationship with politics

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Our politics inform our religion, not the other way around.
Rand Paul, via Wikimedia Commons

Rand Paul: Economic inequality exists because some people work harder than others

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There are a lot of reasons why Americans’ economic outlooks are unequal. Effort isn’t one of them.
Corruption via Shutterstock

SEC finalizing rules that would require public companies to disclose pay gap

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The rule, required by Dodd-Frank, is designed to put downward pressure on runaway executive pay.
Ronald Reagan, via Wikimedia Commons

Barack Obama is the new Ronald Reagan

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Uncomfortable parallels between Obama and the Gipper.
President Obama votes for himself in 2012, via Wikimedia Commons

Obama (sort of) backs mandatory voting. Here’s why it’s a good (and bad) idea

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The pros and cons of making every eligible citizen cast a ballot.
Economist Stephanie Kelton

To guarantee a living wage, make government the employer of last resort

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Economist Kelton’s fix for employment: “Create competition” between gov’t and the private sector for employees.
Economist Stephanie Kelton

“80% of all the income gains since start of recovery have gone to the top 20%”

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Is there “burnable carbon”? Economist Kelton says there better be, because we’re not stopping.
Dinnertime at St Pancras Workhouse, London.

Democrats need to think bigger on economic inequality

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We have an economic system designed to protect and perpetuate the concentration of wealth at the highest bracket.
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