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World unemployment to set new record this year

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“World unemployment could top record levels this year and continue rising until 2017.”
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Number of working poor families rises by 200,000 in one year

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“200,000 more such working families – the so-called ‘working poor’ – emerged in 2011 than in 2010.”
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CNBC asks, is income inequality really so bad? (Hint: Yes)

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I suppose CNBC’s ongoing freak-show makes for good TV (with a certain crowd). But are they good for America?
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Triple dip recession in austerity-plagued UK?

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Following the report today on the UK service sector, economists are seeing only bad news.
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Former bank execs in Iceland jailed for banking collapse

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It’s as if Bankers are actually being held responsible for the destruction they left in their wake.

Spain to halt evictions following suicide

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Following the second recent suicide following eviction, Spain is taking steps to stop evictions.
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Mrs. Romney: Women didn’t care about the economy in ’08 election

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Mrs. Romney now claims that women weren’t concerned about the economy in Nov. 2008. Maybe rich ones weren’t.

Romney promises to create 12m jobs by doing absolutely nothing

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Romney/Ryan are already taking credit for 12m jobs the Obama economy is expected to create even if they lose the election.
Angela Merkel

Germany’s Merkel remains clueless as ever about austerity

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No matter how bad the economy looks in austerity-hit Europe, Merkel does not and probably never will understand economics.

Romney’s Staples closing 60 stores around the world

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Romney’s core focus is not about, nor has it ever been, about creating jobs. Romney’s focus has been on making money.
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