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Congress finally begins to address opioid abuse

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Congress last week passed a bill to address the proliferation and intensification of domestic opioid abuse.
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3D-printed pills are a thing, and could make treatment easier

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3D-printed pills could allow doctors to set customized dosages, reducing the risk of side effects.
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Non-steroidals carry increased risk for heart attacks, strokes and death

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The FDA has issued new warnings against a battery of anti-inflammatory drugs.
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Anti-herpes drug to treat HIV?

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If proven effective, the drug would also be cheaper than current HIV treatments.

Could statins help treat Ebola?

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In other Ebola news, American patient Brantly may be discharged soon.
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MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) update

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Apparently MERS can be transmitted from camels, and there’s good news about possible treatments.
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Could a quarterly injection prevent HIV infection?

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Testing on monkeys has prevented the transmission of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.
Actual court documents in the "clenched buttocks" lawsuit, courtesy of KOB4.

New Mexico police anal probe victim wins settlement

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Man who suffered anal search, colonoscopy, and 3 enemas at hands of NM local law enforcement receives justice.
Actual court documents in the "clenched buttocks" lawsuit, courtesy of KOB4.

Man gets anal search, colonoscopy, 3 enemas for rolling through stop with “clenched buttocks”

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They found nothing. He’s suing.
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Krokodil, a “flesh-eating” narcotic from Russia, may finally be in America

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The drug turns your skin leathery and scaly before it rots off your body. Life expectancy of a user is 2-3 yrs.
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Oreos more addictive than cocaine, study finds

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Equally surprising – no joke – the rats preferred to open the Oreos and eat the creamy white filling first.

DEA is using NSA data, then lying about it

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NSA gives data to DEA. DEA uses it to arrest people, then lies in court about its source. What could be wrong?
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Smugglers using cannons to shoot marijuana over US border

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Brings news meaning to the phrase “getting high.”
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