Trump kills the DACA Dream

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Donald Trump yesterday rescinded President Obama’s DACA policy that let undocumented kids who arrived in the US before the age of 16 to apply for two-year renewable amnesty. Trump ...

How to apply the lessons of gay rights and immigration to gun control

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Politicians learned that the “dangerous” issues of gay rights & immigration were actually electorally helpful.

Obama approves deferred action applications of 154,000 DREAM Act kids

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This is incredible news following President Obama’s pledge to pass comprehensive immigration reform this year.
Marco Rubio lying again about Cuba

Marco Rubio’s new immigration plan based on anti-Latino myths

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Rubio’s latest DREAM Act version has ballooned in its extremism following Obama’s huge Latino election turnout.
Presidente Barack Obama

Obama’s great Latino week: Thumping Romney 72-20 in latest poll

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President Obama has had a good week courting Latino supporters, and now has a new TV ad narrated by him in darn good Spanish.
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