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Trump uses Obama inauguration photo as his own

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Donald Trump is using a photo from Barack Obama’s 2008 inauguration as his own.

Sign the petition, thank President Obama one last time

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Today our economy is more sound, our air is more clean and our people are more free. Thank you, President Obama.

FBI and 5 other agencies investigating Trump money ties to Russia

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FBI, CIA, NSA, Justice & Treasury are investigating possible secret financial ties between Trump staff & Russia.
Life Accordion Trump

Life Accordion to Trump (pretty hilarious video)

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Someone took video of Trump talking and added an accordion. Trust me, the effect is hilarious.

Former CIA/NSA chief: Putin’s “defense” of Trump was meant to hurt Trump

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Putin “defended” Trump today, knowing it would hurt Trump in the eyes of the American people. That was his intent.

Trump to start job with 3 day vacation, won’t be POTUS till Monday

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Trump has announced that even though he becomes President on Friday, he’s taking the weekend off.
sam and cj on west wing

Trump is getting policy ideas from the TV show “West Wing”

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Trump’s latest idea to evict the White House press corps from the White House came from the TV show “West Wing.”

UDPATE: Trump WH aide Monica Crowley steps down over plagiarism

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Senior Trump White House appointee Monica Crowley has been accused of plagiarizing her Ph.D. She should lose it.
CIA Director John Brennan

Breaking: Trump accuses CIA director of leaking bombshell Russia memo

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Trump just accused CIA Director Brennan of leaking the bombshell memo claiming he’s been compromised by Russia.

C-SPAN mysteriously replaced by Russian TV, while power goes out at CIA director hearing

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The power went out today at the Senate hearing for the new CIA director, while C-SPAN was replaced by Russian TV.

Hacker tool psychologically profilesTrump by his tweets

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An American hacker has created a “Minority Report” style tool that lets him profile Donald Trump by his tweets.
cia logo

Trump and Russians use same talking point to disparage CIA, Congress over hacks

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President-elect Donald Trump today used a Russian government talking point to disparage the US intelligence community and Republicans (and Democrats) in Congress who want answers about ...
DNI Clapper.

Intel leaders: Trump is hurting morale, could force people to leave

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US intelligence community leaders says Donald Trump has hurt morale, and may force staff to quit.
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