Ebola update: Patient returns to US, Donald Trump is mad

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An American with Ebola has returned home, while Donald Trump says to kick him out.

Global-warming-truthers, Donald Trump, Fox use record cold to “disprove” climate change

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FOX: “I think these scientists are laughing from their lavish laboratories and their vacations up at the arctic.”

New Trump birther rant suggests Hawaii health director killed to hide truth

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“Amazing the State Health Director who verified copies of Obama’s ‘birth certificate’ died in plane crash today.”
Gnome homes in Overland Park, Kansas

A roundup of today’s quirkier news stories (and an open thread)

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San Diego’s pervy politicos. Donald Trump sued for fraud. Video games good, drugs bad. And a gnome invasion.
Donald Trump Bill Maher

Bill Maher on Donald Trump’s $5m lawsuit against him (funny video)

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Trump is upset Maher said he’d give $5m for proof Trump isn’t the son of an orangutan. Bill Maher is an “ape-r.”
Donald Trump

Trump: Jindal “stupid” for saying GOP needs to “stop being the stupid party”

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Of course, Jindal has his own “stupid” problems since he too is a birther.

Did the 2012 election put a stake in the heart of GOP extremism?

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Is it time to stick a fork in the religious right and the Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump types?
tea party

“Shut down” Limbaugh and Trump, GOP’s Steve Schmidt tells “party leaders”

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Schmidt lays down a marker, trying to wrest party control from the billionaires and AFP types.

Donald Trump and Michele Bachmann want to call you

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I subscribe to campaign email lists so that you don’t have to. This gem from Team Bachmann just landed in my inbox. From the email: I have an exciting announcement: On Monday ...

Trump is out

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Donald Trump has unsurprisingly decided against running for President in 2012. Meanwhile his racist statements while he was considering running for president are the cause of a major ...
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