Trump flip-flops on “the wall” with Mexico: American taxpayers will now pay for it

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Trump announced today that Americans are now paying for the multi-billion-dollar wall with Mexico.
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Trump doubles down: Will only accept election results “if he wins”

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Donald Trump just reiterated that he will not concede the election if he loses.
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Hillary destroyed Donald Trump

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We have a winner. Hillary Clinton absolutely, deliciously and definitively destroyed Donald Trump in tonight’s presidential debate. The debate started slow. Throughout the first ...
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Election 2016 update, the latest as we prepare to watch tonight’s debate

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I talk about about the latest polls, Trump’s & Hillary’s debate strategies, and Trump’s goal through Nov. 8.
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“Family Guy’s” Peter Griffin weighs in on the Trump-Bush video

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What would happen if Family Guy’s Peter Griffin was on the bus with Donald Trump and Billy Bush? Now we know.
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A rare moment of civility and humanity between Hillary and the NC GOP

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Hillary and the NC GOP exchanged kind words on Twitter over the news that someone firebombed a GOP office.

Trump says the election was rigged… when he didn’t win an Emmy

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In three different years, Donald Trump claimed the Emmys were stolen from him as well.
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Trump’s use of phrase “telly-telly” could be his undoing

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Trump’s alleged use of the word “telly-telly” to mean television may prove that his accuser is telling the truth.

Trump appears before signs promoting anti-Hillary, cannibal, vampire Web site

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Trump appears in Florida today before a number of signs promoting a cannibal, vampire conspiracy site.

Trump reveals new election strategy: Don’t let women vote

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Trump shared a map showing him winning the election — only problem, it only included male voters.

The Zombie Trumpocalypse 2018 (funny video)

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You vote for Jill Stein, you get the Trumpocalypse.
John Aravosis discussing Donald Trump's meltdown

Trump’s meltdown

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Here is my update, and analysis about where the election stands, and what to expect between now and November 8.

All Trump has left is Rudy Giuliani and sem#n

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Trump is doing so badly in the polls that Rudy Giuliani is now talking about “sem#n.”
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