Snowden appears on Russian television to ask President Putin a softball question in the middle of the Ukrainian crisis.

Edward Snowden’s “George Zimmerman moment” on Russian TV

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NSA leaker Edward Snowden went on Russian TV yesterday to assist Vladimir Putin in a PR stunt.

DiFi’s hypocrisy over domestic spying – Jon Stewart’s take (video)

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CIA hacked into Senate Intelligence Committee computers, deleted 900 documents it didn’t want Senators to have.

Report on CIA black sites & torture may provoke constitutional crisis

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Will Congress force the CIA to obey the law, at least when it comes to Congress? Feinstein forces the issue.

CIA hacked Senate computers, spied on Senators and staff, furious Feinstein alleges

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Dianne Feinstein, chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, says CIA perused confidential Senate network.

Former NSA head victim of “spying” on Amtrak, passenger tweets entire private convo with reporter

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My friend Tom Matzzie was sitting behind former NSA head Hayden, heard entire “on background” convo, tweeted it.

How the Brits could have used metadata to stop Paul Revere

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A whimsical look at how “innocent” metadata can be used to find out more about you than you think.

How Laura Poitras helped Edward Snowden spill his secrets

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It was Poitras who brought in Glenn Greenwald, Poitras who shot and edited the video of Snowden in Hong Kong.

Noam Chomsky on being a subject of the national surveillance state

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Chomsky on how the muscular spook state dealt with resistance in the 1960s.
NSA chief Gen. Keith Alexander (Image from Flickr photostream of Georgia Tech)

Is the intelligence community running America?

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The upper echelon of the intel community is in position to do what Hoover did, use information to exert control.

German gov’t: Windows 8 contains possible backdoor for NSA, Chinese

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“Keys to that backdoor are likely accessible to the NSA… perhaps even to the Chinese.”

US official: Greenwald’s domestic partner detained to send him, Guardian a message

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Message received. But it’s not the one the US intended.
Edward Snowden

Gaius & Dave Johnson tonight 9pm — Egypt, NSA & the State

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Gaius Publius & Dave Johnson discuss Egypt, NSA on the alternative to the Sunday talk shows, Virtually Speaking.

Whistleblowing is the new Civil Disobedience: Why Snowden matters

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NSA leaker Edward Snowden is offering a template for whistleblowing, the new civil disobedience of our age.
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