Power’s bitch: Snowden responds to criticism of TV appearance with Putin

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Snowden claims he intended to spark a national dialogue in Russia about that country’s domestic spying. Seriously.
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Brazil admits spying on US diplomats. Oops.

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The revelation comes on the heels of Brazil’s president canceling a trip to Washington over US spying on Brazil.

Former NSA head victim of “spying” on Amtrak, passenger tweets entire private convo with reporter

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My friend Tom Matzzie was sitting behind former NSA head Hayden, heard entire “on background” convo, tweeted it.
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Shorter Obama: “All leakers are traitors”

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Obama, as commander in chief, wants everyone from Defense to Agriculture to inform on coworkers who might leak.
The Rosetta Stone in the British Museum (photo by Hans Hillewaert)

The best answer to PRISM’s abuses is strong cryptography in the hands of the public

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The solution to PRISM is to put strong cryptography into everyone’s hands.
Edward Snowden

NSA whistleblower comes forward: Edward Snowden

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Snowden revealed that the NSA has access to Verizon call data and servers at Google, Facebook, Apple & more.
Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald talks domestic spying on ABC’s This Week

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Glenn discusses his scoop that Verizon has been turning over its customers’ phone records to the federal govt.
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If you’re a reporter or cop with a Verizon phone, the government now has all your sources

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The US government has obtained the phone records of all 121m Verizon customers, and that should bother folks.
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Sen. Leahy wants to read your emails without a warrant

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I’m pretty sure two weeks ago we didn’t vote for four more years of George Bush.
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Rupert Murdoch calls phone-hacking victims “scumbags”

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Ignoring the sins of his own business, Rupert Murdoch calls its victims “scumbag celebrities.” Classy.
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Did ‘warrantless’ wiretaps increase under Obama?

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Should we be worried by the ACLU claim that ‘warrantless’ wiretaps increased under Obama? Yes, if it were true. But is it?
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