Dog senses woman’s breast cancer (BBC video, not April Fools)

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BBC: “We now know that dogs like max are smelling the tiny volatile chemicals given off by cancerous tumors.”

Stray dogs from Sochi arrive in DC to be adopted (video)

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I guess now you’d call them capitalist dogs :)
Stray dogs in Siberia, via Shutterstock

Thousands of dogs may be shot, poisoned to make way for Sochi Olympics

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And the gold medal in animal cruelty goes to…

Dogs poop in alignment with earth’s magnetic field, study says

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Study finds dogs somehow sense the earth’s magnetic field and then align themselves north-south to poop.

Video montage of people getting puppies for Christmas (video)

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I know, people need to make sure they’re ready to care for it, but the video is adorable.

Cats being dicks to dogs (video)

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“I’m not gonna come up there and get you, you’ve gotta learn to walk by the cat.”
Puppy via Shutterestock.

Stop giving your pet food from China, unless you don’t mind them dying

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New warning from FDA highlights 100s of deaths of dogs, cats from jerky made in China – products are unlabeled.

Dogs are happy to socialize with robots, though humans are better (video)

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A somewhat creepy study showing that dogs will socialize with friendly robots. Damn canine bastards.

Woman and dog do great “Grease” routine (video)

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A pretty amazing dog performs to the tune “You’re the one that I want.”

My dog Sasha playing with sis’ pooch Carmela (video)

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Sasha, a yorkie-bichon, has been spending the month at my sister’s with her dog, Carmela, a yorkie-poo.
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