World’s most tolerant cat (video)

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This cat meets not one, but two puppies. And handles it like a champ.

Dog and bird roll around together playing in the yard (video)

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Definitely one of the stranger videos. The dog is definitely playing. No idea what the bird is doing.

Adorable pug is very happy to see his owner return home (video)

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This little (old) guy was so excited to have his owner return home that he belted out a song. Kind of.

Pet me, dammit! (video)

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16 seconds of smiles.

Bizarrely intelligent beagle steals chicken from oven while owner’s away (video)

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You do have to wonder about a dog owner who thinks it’s cute that the dog sticks its head in a 350°F oven.

Re-enacting famous movie scenes, with a dog

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I think my two favorites are Titanic and the Graduate.

Dog and cat spooning (video)

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The cat showed up at their house a year ago, in the middle of winter, and the dog was scared to death of him.

Dog in China refuses to leave grave of its owner (video)

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A sad, but touching, video from the BBC.

Australian dog helps Australian man propose marriage (video)

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“Whatever you do, don’t eat the box.”

Dog seriously loves his trampoline (video)

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I’m not sure if this dog is well trained or just seriously enjoying himself.
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