DOD anti-“LGBT” Web filter category also bans gay anti-bullying, suicide prevention sites

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Why is the Pentagon using Internet filtering software that is clearly discriminatory to gay and trans people?

Pentagon bans even more sites for being “gay”; anti-gay “hate group” okay

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The Pentagon’s war against gay news sites continues as more gay blogs are banned for being “LGBT.”

Pentagon bans Towleroad, AMERICAblog sites for being “LGBT.” Coulter, Limbaugh ok.

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I wonder if the Pentagon has a censorship category titled “Jewish,” “African-American,” or “Latino.”

Interview with the gay military couple whose iconic “kiss” photo went viral this year (video)

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A video interview with the guys whose Marine homecoming photo went viral.
Log Cabin Republicans Chuck Hagel NYT ad, featured

Chuck Hagel, Israel, and the gays – oh my

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I’m curious how a gay GOP group suddenly found the money to buy full-page ads in the NYT attacking Chuck Hagel.
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