"Tsarina Putin."

Propaganda in the age of Putin

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How the Russians psyched out the Americans, and how America should respond.
Kremlin propaganda chief Dmitri Kisilev (aka Dmitry Kiselyov). If this is the best they've got, bring it on.

Russia’s a big bottom

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A new survey shows Russia leads the world in “anal sex” searches online.

Putin’s media head talking of turning US into “radioactive ash”

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And they seemed like such nice occupiers.

Putin closes lead objective news agency, creates puppet run by anti-gay

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RIA Novosti will be replaced by a new agency run by Dmitri Kisilev, an anti-gay wackjob who’s more than a tad fey.
Dmitri Kisilev, the anchor of Vesti, the most popular news show in Russia, works for Russia 1, a TV channel controlled by Vladimir Putin's Kremlin.

Anchor for Putin-controlled #1 news show says hearts of gay accident victims should be burned

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Dmitri Kisilev, the anchor of the #1 news show in Russia, seemed to suggest that gays are genetically inferior.
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