Ben Carson, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Ben Carson doesn’t know what the debt ceiling is

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A lot of what Ben Carson says is daffy to the point at which it’s funny. This isn’t.

27 GOP Senators vote to disapprove of own vote to raise debt ceiling

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27 Republican Senators voted this week to condemn their own votes in favor of raising the debt ceiling.

This animated gif really does encapsulate the current state of the GOP

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They’ve fallen and they can’t get up.
Sarah Palin wanted to impeach President Obama over the imminent debt default.

Budget deal thwarts Sarah Palin’s secret plan to impeach Obama

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Two days ago, Sarah Palin announced a secret plan to impeach President Obama over the impending debt default.

GOP: We can easily avoid default Thursday by not paying Social Security checks

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America has ten times the money it needs to pay its debt. All it has to do is kill off its seniors.

Ted Cruz in “Wrecking Ball” (seriously funny, or sad, video)

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Parody of Tea Party leader, and intellectual father of government shutdown and imminent debt default, Ted Cruz.

Fitch credit rating agency says US under review for credit downgrade

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“Negotiations over raising the debt ceiling risks undermining confidence in the role of the US dollar.”

Three must-read articles about the shutdown and impending debt default

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The default has already begun, the racism unleashed by the GOP, and John Boehner’s Tea Party problem.
Hostage via Shutterstock

GOP now demanding we sign a DNR for America

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CNN reports House conservatives derailed deal, again.
Carly Fiorina, failed Republican Senate candidate, and "19th worst CEO of all time."

The GOP’s bogus fixation on the deficit

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If I wanted advice on the economy, it wouldn’t be from the “19th worst CEO of all time.”
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Tentative government shutdown, debt-ceiling deal reached (well, in the Senate)

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Govt funded till January, debt ceiling moved to February, and Ds and Rs negotiate a new budget deal.
Terrorist via Shutterstock (with Xmas hat thrown on)

GOP offers new poison pill debt-ceiling proposal

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New GOP proposal would gut the budget any year Congress can’t agree to appropriations bills.

A strange game

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The movie was War Games, circa 1983. And it had a message for the Tea Party and the GOP about “winning moves.”
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