Rand Paul, via Wikimedia Commons

Rand Paul landed the biggest blows at last night’s debate, and it won’t matter

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The 50 percent of GOP primary voters siding with Trump and Carson stopped caring about “facts” long ago.
Third GOP debate, screenshot via YouTube

RNC, citing CNBC’s “bad faith” debate, suspends ties to NBC for future debates

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Blaming the refs really presidential, guys.
Hillary Clinton at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, screenshot via YouTube

Of course Sanders’s answer about Hillary’s emails was great politics

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The media’s focus on Clinton’s emails is a prime example of the politics Sanders has been campaigning against.
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, screenshot via CNN / YouTube

The most important issue that was left out of the Democratic debate

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In an otherwise-successful debate, one of the most important issues went without mention.
The Democratic candidates, screenshot via YouTube

The Democratic Party won the Democratic debate

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Two hours of policy without offending a single ethnic minority or promising war with Russia. Low bar, but cleared.
Mike Huckabee, via Wikimedia Commons

Why isn’t the Kim Davis wing of the GOP field talking about impeachment of Supreme Court justices?

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Outside of an amendment, it’s the only constitutional option they have left. Why not bring it up?
Carly Fiorina, screenshot via Des Moines Register

How to read debate performance polls

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Overnight polls from last night’s GOP debate show Carly Fiorina winning, with Trump and Carson close behind.
Mike Huckabee at last night's debate, screenshot via YouTube

Mike Huckabee’s civics lesson during last night’s debate was anything but

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If you’re going to give a civics lesson, you had better get your civics right.
The candidates in front of Reagan's Air Force One, screenshot via YouTube

GOP Debate Round 2: CNN’s five-hour marathon of absurdity

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A quick recap of CNN’s five-hour marathon of awfulness.
Republicans' Next Top Candidate, via DonkeHotey / Flickr

The GOP debates were a fascinating, horrifying train wreck

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Last night’s debates were as fascinating as they were tragic. A ten-car pileup from which you couldn’t look away.
Scott Walker, via Gil C / Shutterstock.com

Court documents: “probable cause” that Walker committed felony in 2011

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The chances he gets asked about it in the debate tonight are…slim, to say the least.
Republican primary, via Creative Commons

A modest proposal for fixing the Republican primary debates

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There’s a better way to manage what could be the largest primary field in recent memory.
the flag of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), or simply the Islamic State (IS). Via Shutterstock.

It’s time to stop debating the Islamic-ness of the Islamic State

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Last Thursday, Mehdi Hassan published a rebuttal to Graeme Wood’s widely-read analysis of the Islamic State. Wood’s piece illustrated the ways in which the Islamic State ...
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