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Sitting can be deadly, even if you exercise regularly

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People who are sedentary at work or home are more likely to develop certain diseases, or even die.

Archie to die thwarting assassination of gay comics character

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The gay in me says “yeah!” While the writer in me says “oy.” What do you think?

Petco to stop selling treats from China, after 1,000 dog deaths

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Of course, the Chinese threat goes far beyond dog food. Their people food is problematic too.
Fred Phelps in cowboy hat, from Godhatesf*

BREAKING: Fred “God hates f*gs” Phelps is dead

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Phelps showed the US that anti-gay hate is real. IMHO, America is about to lose its most effective gay advocate
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Stop giving your pet food from China, unless you don’t mind them dying

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New warning from FDA highlights 100s of deaths of dogs, cats from jerky made in China – products are unlabeled.
Dmitri Kisilev, the anchor of Vesti, the most popular news show in Russia, works for Russia 1, a TV channel controlled by Vladimir Putin's Kremlin.

Anchor for Putin-controlled #1 news show says hearts of gay accident victims should be burned

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Dmitri Kisilev, the anchor of the #1 news show in Russia, seemed to suggest that gays are genetically inferior.

Egyptian photojournalist captures own death on video during protests

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Akhmed Samir Assem, a 26 year old Egyptian photojournalist, was shot filming Republican Guard soldiers in Cairo,
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Sir Ian McKellen is not mourning the death of Margaret Thatcher

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“The spirit of social Thatcherism is revealed as barren, hypocritical and now pointless.”
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