Washington, DC's flag on H Street, via Mr.TinDC / Flickr

The case for DC: Why our nation’s capital should vote before Iowa and New Hampshire

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Our primary calendar is biased in favor of rural voters and against urban voters. Moving DC up would fix that.

The speech that may make Elizabeth Warren president

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“To anyone listening at Citi[group]. I agree Dodd-Frank isn’t perfect. It should have broken you into pieces.”

2014 Halloween Drag High Heel Race in Wash, DC

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Every Halloween, dozens of drag queens race the DC streets in 2-inch heels. Here’s my photo and video essay.

I’m uber-pleased with my 1st ride on Uber (taxi alternative)

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I saved $2 by using UberX instead of a DC cab to head over to a Christmas party on Sunday.

KKK marches down Pennsylvania Avenue in DC, circa 1928

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Apropos of yesterday’s confederate Tea Party march on the White House, someone tweeted this video of the KKK.

Jon Stewart is unhappy with cable news’ coverage of the DC Navy Yard shooting (video)

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I disagree. A comparison of the Trayvon Martin story to the death of Glee star Corey Monteith is illustrative.

The Duck Whisperers (video)

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Two DC guys who stopped traffic (and more) to save five ducklings from vehicular annihilation.

Rusty the Panda’s big adventure from the National Zoo… to my neighborhood

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A red panda escaped from Washington, DC’s National Zoo today, and apparently ended up in my neighborhood.

Nice video of Gay Pride in DC

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It’s Gay Pride month. We had our parade and festival in DC last weekend.
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