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The end of gay history

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I worry that we’re witnessing the end of gay history. And I’m not convinced that it’s something to celebrate.
Dan Savage with the secret on how to handle your parents (video)

U of C students incensed that word “tranny” was used in discussion about word “tranny”

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Students have launched a petition attacking noted gay activist Dan Savage for simply discussing the controversy.

Dan Savage has no respect for child-raping Catholic priests

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Far-right Catholics are upset at Dan Savage for not show child-raping Catholic priests the appropriate respect.
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Rick Santorum was right! Woman chooses horse as bridesmaid

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Santorum once famously decried gay marriage because he opposes “man on dog” marriage too.

Santorum to lead “strike force” to save Cuccinelli’s disastrous run for VA Gov

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But can Santorum save Cuccinelli from the new definition that Dan Savage has come up with for “cuccinelli”?

Dan Savage in This American Life (video)

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On growing up gay, and Catholic, and about the death of his mother a few years back and how it changed him.
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Dan Savage’s message for gay Russians: It gets better

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“Nothing would give the struggle for LGBT civil equality a bigger boost in Russia than straight people.”

Russia update: Savage & Fierstein on MSNBC, Brits & Swedes weigh in, Miss Universe pageant snafu

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Today’s über (alles) Russia update includes videos of Fierstein and Savage on MSNBC, and Socarides on CNN.
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Dan Savage freaks out conservatives on Bill Maher (video)

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Conservative Gorver Norquist was on the show as well, and did not seem terribly amused by Dan’s jokes.
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My interview with Dan Savage about his book, bisexuals & Mai Tais (video)

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I asked Dan whether he’d choose for his son to be gay or straight, and his answer might surprise you.
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