“America’s oldest hall monitor, Sean Hannity, dedicated 5 shows to the horrors of Spring Break”

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“More skeptical viewers might think this is a reason to spend the week running wildly inappropriate T&A footage.”

DiFi’s hypocrisy over domestic spying – Jon Stewart’s take (video)

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CIA hacked into Senate Intelligence Committee computers, deleted 900 documents it didn’t want Senators to have.

The GOP love affair with Vladimir Putin

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Putin is a “strong leader” but Obama is a “dictator.” Yeah, right.

Michio Kaku on Stephen Hawking and the wonders of the brain (video)

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Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist. He recently appeared on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show.”

Daily Show’s Jason Jones’ final report from Russia (video)

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“Of course, their ode to all their really great writers and artists they had shot, imprisoned or exiled.”

Jon Stewart on Kansas bill to let parents hit kids harder

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Missouri citizen: “Evolution, it’s not taught in the bible, it shouldn’t be taught in the class.”

Putin spokesman compares being gay to having sex with a table

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Jason Jones of the Daily Show OBLITERATES homophobic Putin spokesman Sergei Markov in one of best segments ever.

Stalin bunker tour lets Moscow tourists nuke New York City

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“We destroyed America, finally.”

Coke re-airs “that” commercial during the Olympics, while Jon Stewart weighs in

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During the Olympics opening ceremony, Coca-Cola re-aired its “controversial” pro-diversity ad, featuring the song “America the Beautiful” sung in various languages, ...

Patrick Stewart bids Earth goodbye, dressed as China’s dying moon rover (video)

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Unfortunately, China’s lunar rover, named Jade Rabbit, has a technical malfunction, and is facing imminent death.
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