Scapegoating gays is not the way to fight sexual assault in the military

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NYT, women’s advocates, sloppily scapegoat gays in effort to fight sexual assault in the military.

Nancy Pelosi is wrong about ENDA

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Our past- and future- speaker suggested that gay jobs-bill ENDA was killed by DADT. That’s not what happened.

Anti-DADT group OutServe-SLDN in turmoil as E.D. faces putsch

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Lead “gays in the military” group in upheaval as executive director Allyson Robinson faces pressure to resign.

GOP’s religious right: Ending DADT caused sexual assaults in military

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The religious right is now claiming that ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell inspired straight men to harass women.

A tale of two West Point cadets: One gay, one trans

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My report from the OutServe-SLDN annual “gays in the military” dinner this past Saturday night.

DOD extends spousal-y benefits to gays, SecDef calls for DOMA repeal

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Gay domestic partner benefits include dependent ID cards, commissary privileges, child care.
Chuck Hagel confirmation hearing

Hagel asked about gays in the military, gives weak rambling answer (video)

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Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel was asked about gays in the military today, and gave a weak answer.
Aircraft Carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74). Photo courtesy of DOD.

A US sailor asks why LGBT Pride Month is not celebrated in the fleet

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The Commander-in-Chief has issued two LGBT Pride Month proclamations, yet Pride is not celebrated in the fleet.
chuck hagel obama

White House responds to gay concerns about Hagel’s nomination

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It’s an ongoing sign of our community’s influence that the White House feels the need to keep explaining.
Pentagon Press Secretary George Little

DOD to investigate complaints that gay blogs, news sites are censored on Pentagon computers

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DOD acknowledged tonight that “some sites may have unnecessarily been blocked.” And they’re looking into it.

DOD anti-“LGBT” Web filter category also bans gay anti-bullying, suicide prevention sites

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Why is the Pentagon using Internet filtering software that is clearly discriminatory to gay and trans people?

Pentagon bans even more sites for being “gay”; anti-gay “hate group” okay

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The Pentagon’s war against gay news sites continues as more gay blogs are banned for being “LGBT.”

Pentagon bans Towleroad, AMERICAblog sites for being “LGBT.” Coulter, Limbaugh ok.

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I wonder if the Pentagon has a censorship category titled “Jewish,” “African-American,” or “Latino.”
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