Russian baby has adorable nonsensical conversation with her dad (video)

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Any parents out there know – in baby-land is this an actual conversation?

Proud basketball dad (nice video)

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I don’t pretend to know who Joakim Noah is (he plays for the Bulls, apparently), but this is a sweet video.

Lion cubs venture out with dad for 1st time, dad’s a bit of a dick (video)

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The zoo says that within a few days, dad was grooming the kids, so all is well.

Irish dad flips out that son failed his driving test (in best accent ever)

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The son is pulling a fast one on his dad, he actually passed, but he wanted to see how dad would react.

Post-it Note parenting advice from a new dad (funny as hell)

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“Wait. It’s ‘Pat a cake’ and not ‘Patty cake’?”

Hot dad lip syncs 6 y.o. daughter’s hour-long temper tantrum (video)

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It’s pretty funny, and dad is awfully hot.

Mom and dad surprise kids with news they’re having twins (video)

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It’s kind of amazing to see a kid this young react this emotionally to the news.
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