HIV virus attacking cell. 3D render, via Shutterstock.

Treating HIV without drugs

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New research is looking at treating your own cells to make them HIV-resistant. Dr. Thoma summarizes the findings.
AIDS-HIV activist dispenses awareness information near Yoyogi Park, popular with teens and young adults on Sept. 18, 2009 in Tokyo. 20-30 year-olds have the highest rate of HIV in Japan. cdrin /

Men “cured” of HIV by bone marrow transplant suffer relapse

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HIV has the ability to lie dormant, deep inside cells, for a long time, giving the false impression of a cure.
Scanning electron micrograph of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), grown in cultured lymphocytes. (Photo credit Photo Credit: C. Goldsmith, CDC)

A possible cure for HIV/AIDS?

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Treatment with antibody-bound radioisotopes, combined with antiretroviral therapy, could be possibly curative.

Stephen Fry tells quack who “cures” gays: “You could easily pass as a gay man” (video)

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Fry tells Nicolosi, lead “I can cure gays” quack: “You’re very well groomed. You could easily pass as a gay man.”
Russian anti-gay parliamentarian Mikhail Degtyarev. (And I'll ask it again: Do any of these Russian homophobes look straight?)

Russia working on state-sponsored “cure” as final solution to gay problem

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In good news: Pride parades might be allowed if they happen late at night, with flashlights. Seriously.
AIDS Ribbon via Shutterstock

A cancer treatment might prove useful for curing HIV

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One of the difficulties in finding a cure is that HIV can lie dormant, unreachable by current treatments.
HIV/AIDS ribbon via Shutterstock

HIV/AIDS patients “cured” by bone marrow transplants

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Both men had longstanding HIV, and had undergone a bone marrow transplant for treatment of lymphoma.

Exodus International, lead “cure the gays” group, shuts down, apologizes to gays

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Exodus was THE “ex-gay” ministry. The big one. The one the religious right hung its hat(e) on. And they’re gone.
NJ Gov. Chris Christie. L.E.MORMILE /

Christie: You can’t cure gays, but I’ll let doctors try

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No amount of spinelessness & flip-floppery compares to a moderate Republican aspiring to the presidency.
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Wacky group that “cures” gays loses tax-exempt status

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I’ve assembled some of the best videos from the Daily Show, Colbert, and CNN on these morons.
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