College cost, via Shutterstock

It’s time to make college free

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Guaranteeing tuition for every college student is necessary. And we can afford it.

Crazy Texans still trying to put creationism in state’s science books

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No child deserves to be treated to this intellectual drivel, regardless of how messed up the parents.
Noah's Ark via Shutterstock

Noah’s Flood is proof that climate change isn’t man-made, says GOP

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“One would have to say the Great Flood is an example of climate change.” Uh, no one wouldn’t.
Rick Brattin via Mother Jones

Missouri GOP now pushing the legitimate rape of science

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MO GOPer Rick Brattin wants to force college kids to learn about the “faith-based… destiny of the universe.”

Marco Rubio: Earth is 4.5bn years old, but schools have right to teach 6,000 years

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So Marco Rubio is saying he’s basically bi on the truth.
Creationist Museum - humans lived alongside dinosaurs

Marco Rubio on earth’s age: “It’s one of the great mysteries” (yeah, if you’re an idiot)

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GOP Senator Marco Rubio desperately wants to be president in 4 years. Good luck with that.
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