The facts about cardiac arrest and resuscitation (CPR)

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Watch this video and see how easy it is to learn hands-only CPR.
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End of life decisions, DNRs, and doing them the right way

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Don’t assume that simply because you have a DNR, it will be respected. You have to do it the right way.
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Doctors looking at predicting cardiac arrests, to make them more survivable

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Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is fatal in ~ 90% of cases. If we can predict one is coming, survival increases.
Beverly LaSalle, whose life Archie Bunker saved by performing CPR on her.

The time Archie Bunker gave mouth-to-mouth to a trans woman (video)

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“All in the Family” really was quite a trend-setting show for its time, it was the 1970s after all.
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