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It’s OK if Bruce Jenner is a Republican, but not for the reason she gave

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There are plenty of reasons for LGBT Americans to be Republicans. Acceptance is not one of them.
Scott Walker, via Gil C /

Scott Walker is making the wrong kind of sense

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Wisconsin Governor and newly-ordained GOP frontrunner Scott Walker got under DC’s skin again yesterday when he compared union protesters to Islamic State militants. After a Conservative ...
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CPAC settles it: On gay marriage, we won

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Gay marriage was the big winner at CPAC, the biggest, most important, conservative conference of the year.
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CPAC “minority outreach” session debates whether slavery was a good thing for blacks (video)

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You know your party is in trouble when you’re still arguing over whether slavery was a “good” thing.

GOPers blast Portman for having gay son, “agreeing with sodomy”

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Attendees at biggest GOP conference blast GOP Sen. Portman for endorsing gay marriage, embracing gay son.

CPAC bans mention of “the gay” to conference chairman

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Regarding CPAC chair: “No one, no one is to talk to him or be allowed to talk to him about GOProud.”

Gay Republicans are murderous Marxist spies, or something

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It’s best not to ask too many questions.

CPAC invites gun nut Wayne LaPierre, but bans conservative gay group

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CPAC has made clear that there’s no still no room at the GOP Inn for anyone who’s out.
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